Information on theft prevention / diagnosis in accordance with European Union Block Exemption Regulations (GVO)

Notes about theft protection and application of a FAZIT/ GeKo authorization

ODIS Service 24.0.1: Important information on the error message ODS1020E

Important information:Migration of user login for ODIS Service to the Group Retail Portal

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The European Union (EU) regulates access to safety-related systems of vehicle manufacturers for its member states so that the information required for repair can be accessed online. Independent market participants from EU member states can request access in accordance with the currently valid legislation.

General information on anti-theft protection:

You require online access to the respective systems of Volkswagen AG (FAZIT/GeKo) for repair of specially protected vehicle components and flashing of control units. Currently, in order to be able to use FAZIT/GeKo, you must request the respective authorization (see below).

What is FAZIT/GeKo?

FAZIT/GeKo (security and component protection) is a function, that is available together with the online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) diagnostic software. It enables the calibration of electronic control units of the immobilizer (e.g. instrument cluster, engine ECU), the component protection (e.g. Air conditioning unit, navigation system etc.), as well as the vehicle keys to the vehicle.

How can you use the functions of GeKo-VW?

In order to obtain authorisation for FAZIT/GeKo, specific information about the applicant and the company is required. The following provides you with further information on the SERMI process. If SERMI is not available in your country, you will find all the information you have to pass on to Volkswagen, i.e. the respective importer, in order to gain authorisation for FAZIT/GeKo, later on:

SERMI process:

The SERMI (Security-related Repair and Maintenance Information) process has been introduced by the European Union (EU) as a procedure which makes it possible for you to identify yourself and be legitimised at a national conformity assessment body. With this legitimation and registration and confirmation at what is referred to as the trust centre, you can gain access to safety-related information from all vehicle manufacturers – individual verification in accordance with the individual requirements of each manufacturer no longer applies.

n order to find out which conformity assessment bodies have been set up and how you reach them, please contact the importer responsible for your market (see or visit SERMI - Home (

In the following, you will find out how you gain access to safety-related information from Volkswagen AG with a valid SERMI identity.

In the process, the following requirements must be met in advance:

 You company is registered at the trust centre
 You/your employees are registered
 You/your employees have been legitimised by the national assessment body
 You/your employees have installed the trust centre app ("Digidentity Wallet") on your smartphone

1. If your country already supports SERMI, on the Group Retail Portal (GRP, see link add GRP info page) next to the ODIS service tile you will find a further tile with the designation "SERMI".
2. When you select the SERMI tile, you will be redirected to the SERMI website of Volkswagen AG.
3. Please scan the displayed QR code with the "Digidentity Wallet" app on your smartphone.
4. Your GRP identity is linked to the SERMI identity and your importer receives the request to assign a diagnostics role to you on GRP which is compatible with the use of FAZIT/GeKo.
5. Once the role has been assigned, you can carry out safety-related tasks (FAZIT/GeKo) with ODIS service.

You must forward the following information to Volkswagen, i.e. the importer responsible for your market, if SERMI is not available in your country:


According to Group IT security regulations a regular check of all users in all IT systems is to be conducted. Therefore a user inventory in the FAZIT/GeKo system will be conducted in the future.
As part of the planned user inventory, all users who have not logged into, or worked in the FAZIT/GeKo system for more than 12 months will have their access blocked. A new fee-based user application is necessary for a renewal of the user IDs.
The aim of this inventory is to clean up users who have not canceled their registrations (e.g. in the event of personnel changes) and to deactivate any accounts that are no longer in use.
According to the IT guidelines, which are part of the contract, we kindly ask you to inform all administrators of the single dealerships and to request them to check all approved users of FAZIT/GeKo. The security regulations specify that this involves ensuring that no third-party user IDs are used in the company. Also, user IDs that are no longer required (e.g. personnel changes) must be canceled with immediate effect. This check, performed by the individual companies themselves, must also continue to be conducted over the long term.

All documents, except for the user application, must be disposed of by the responsible importer according to data protection regulations after checking. All transactions in context with the user ID will be permanently logged for investigational reasons.

You will receive the necessary forms for applying for a FAZIT/ GeKo authorization, as well as the associated requirements for your company after successful registration on the erWin portal and application for a company number from the importer responsible for you (see

How do I get access to GeKo?